Because your vision is bigger than a site.

Branding with ntandem

Creating Involvement and Communication

You know your brand is more than a logo. It is strategy, design, communication, services – a unique identity in a compelling showcase that spans all forms of communication. Today more than ever before, your brand needs a variety of channels to tell a powerful story that captivates and moves its audience to take part in its growth and evolution.


How flexible can a brand be while remaining consistent? By defining a clear standard for the framework of your brand, we can create fresh visuals and copy that stay within an overall branding system. This takes the aesthetic question out of design, letting you make highly creative decisions that are right for your unique identity in the marketplace.

What you get.

From brand architecture to content strategy, positioning, and messaging, defining a meaningful structure for your brand and communication is vital at the outset. We take a visual approach to make it easier to recognize structures, discuss identities, exchange impressions and develop organizations.




Touch points that matter. Our initial understanding of your brand is derived from desk research, interviews, and audits of your current brand landscape. We uncover how your brand and your culture are perceived by your clients, your employees, and your markets. Looking closely at both you and your competitors, we situate your brand in the larger landscape of an entire customer ecosystem.


Our design conveys both information and emotion. A logo, an app, a sonic logo or a physical environment: branded design experiences attract attention and turn prospects into loyal customers. Whether yours is a product or a corporate brand, good design speaks to both the mind and the heart and fosters consumer preference.


Your identity IS the message. Identity runs throughout every aspect of communication. What you say and how you say it must always reflect that consistently, building your image while speaking to the hearts and minds of your target groups.


Take the guesswork out of your brand. Too many companies waste time and money by allowing their people to guess at how to design effective communication. By defining your brand clearly from an implementation standpoint, from colors to templates, brand manuals and digital branding portals, we create the standard reference a global brand needs.