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Case Study: BHN


Logo and Brand


Software Interface

Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting


BHN faced mounting market challenges in the form of having a new service, misdirected branding, and the lack of service comparison studies. As a result, the company experienced negative impacts on its brand and profitability. Ntandem was retained to:

  • Evaluate the company's position in the market
  • Research current and future purchasing preferences among customers
  • Determin the impact of competitive tactics
  • Liaison with corporate partners


Ntandem analyzed competitors' marketing strategies and selling claims. Once complete, a survey of current and prospective customers was executed to measure the perceived brand attributes of BHN and the impact of competitive claims. Sales and distribution representatives of competitor companies as well as product end-users were surveyed blindly to identify competitors' strengths, weaknesses and future strategies. Finally, market trends were considered in relation to primary research findings, in order to develop targeted strategies that would deliver a unique selling proposition.


BHN used our findings and recommendations to refine its brand positioning, competitive stance and product development plan. Significant focus was placed on the development and sales of specific services that were identified as the most interesting by customers and prospects alike. A prioritization of sales partners was also developed to strengthen relationships with a select few and engage in cooperative planning for sales growth.

BHN has established a position as a market leader, and continues to significantly increased sales revenues.