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Consulting with ntandem

A Transformational Marketing Strategy

Ntandem takes a holistic approach to marketing strategy development and implementation to help you identify the most effective and efficient ways to move performance from where it currently stands to where it has the potential to go.


Ntandem is known to produce marketing strategies– so strong, so powerful, that it changes brand trajectories, career paths, sometimes entire companies and even industries–requires frontline experience, and business-building ideas.

Rely on our marketing, business, and research expertise to:

  • Do an initial marketing performance review and "white space" exploration
  • Select the different components of a marketing strategy
  • Create a marketing plan and go-to-market strategy
  • Measure performance in order to enhance ROI results


How is the weather?

The market "climate" and marketing options have changed dramatically. Your brand may or may not be keeping pace. With so much data, and so many things changing, it is hard to determine which path will lead to the biggest growth opportunities.


In our experience, very often the best way forward is to first take a close look at where you have been.

We begin with a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of your marketing strategy and programs to understand:

  • Your goals, objectives and aspirations for your brand and business
  • How your marketing decision-making process compares to best practices inside and outside your category or industry
  • How your marketing strategy is currently performing
  • Where your brand currently stands versus competitors in terms of emerging trends and marketplace challenges


Ntandem uses a variety of tools to ensure marketing planning takes place with real knowledge of the relationship between inputs to the plan and desired outputs to ensure you hit performance objectives.