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Websites with ntandem

Transforming Thoughts and Lives

A successful company knows that for a business to succeed it must adapt, evolve and grow as technology changes. Not recognizing that change is a dynamic force in the consumer marketplace, many web site design companies do not implement effective strategies that take into account the growth of a company. Ntandem continues in its efforts to expand upon its services, making sure to keep up with the times. We continuously build strong relationships with our clients, maintaining the web site if requested. We also develop excellent relationships with consultants and vendors who provide us with discounts on exceptional services, thereby allowing us to pass along those discounts to our clients.

Being a results driven firm, to date, Ntandem has serviced and supported over 16 years of website design in addition to providing complete web design solutions, high quality digital services, SEO optimization services and cost effective prices. Because our goal is to serve our clients better than any other company, we don't just build web sites, but we make sure to provide customized eye-catching web sites that achieve your business goals and to help your company have a powerful identity on the web.

Inevitably, a new approach must be taken to attract and keep clientele. What differentiates Ntandem from other web design companies is experience, creativity and its strong focus on an array of innovative services.

In addition to providing web design, development and search engine optimization, our services include:

  • SEO Content Copy
  • Website Content Copy
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Tools
  • Database Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Interactive Design
  • Mobile Savvy Websites

What about the Mobile?

OK. So you might be saying... "Where is the "mobile"?
Although we take part in concepting and designing APPs for smart phones and tablets, Ntandem does not produce mobile applications. We have a partnership with Think It Mobile, a talented software company who focuses on produceing custom APPs.

Ntandem also creates technically savvy websites that conform to mobile platforms. So whether you are on an iPhone or Android, our sites look great!

Experience and Expertise

With over 25 years of experience providing marketing and service solutions, and having completed thousands of projects in different media, Ntandem has the business acumen that enables us to deliver the "right" solutions that address the clients' needs.

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